Project Info

BurdaEducation Prints and Distributes 8.6 Million Books for Malawi

This project, implemented in partnership with the Malawi Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, and the KfW German Development Bank, resulted in the printing, delivery, and distribution of over 8.6 million textbooks across Malawi. BurdaEducation delivered more than 62,000 boxes of books, comprised of 130 different titles, to 5,400 primary schools in a project that lasted six months from inception to completion. The project showed our ability to handle numerous logistical challenges simultaneously and still deliver books to each of the schools, on time.

BurdaDruckIndia printed the books and sent them to Malawi through the ports of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and Beira in Mozambique. BurdaEducation handled Customs clearance without any delays. Once the trucks rolled out of the ports, the next hurdle was the long journey across the Great Rift Valley. At the best of times, the Valley comes with a unique set of potential obstacles. The fact that we achieved on time delivery during the rainy season demonstrated the importance of our attention to detail, ability to track and react effectively to real-time situations, and the integrity and capabilities of our partners of the ground.