Lecture Pour Tous (Reading for All)

Increasing access to education and student learning outcomes is a central goal of the Senegalese government. The Lecture Pour Tous (“Reading for All”) Project in Senegal is an integral part of this mission. Funded by USAID, the project’s chief aims include improving the literacy skills of primary-grade students, providing language-appropriate books and learning materials to students in public and Koranic schools, and supporting teacher professional development through training, coaching, and supervision.

BurdaEducation is delighted to have been selected to print the high-quality student books, decodable/leveled readers, teacher’s guides, and other teaching materials for first and second grade students in Lecture Pour Tous-supported schools. In keeping with the project’s goal of supporting best practice, such as the use of mother tongue instruction for initial reading instruction, these materials are being published in three Senegalese languages: Wolof, Pulaar, and Serer.

It has long been BurdaEducation’s belief that quality education is key to children’s growth and development. Since literacy is a crucial stepping stone in this process, BurdaEducation works towards creating premium quality reading materials and ensuring that these materials reach their target audience—students and teachers—on time.