Interactive Learning with Burda and Kukua

BurdaEducation is pleased to announce that its parent company, Hubert Burda Media, has recently invested
in Kukua, a pan-African educational franchise that aims to eradicate childhood illiteracy. An edtech company, Kukua builds engaging mobile apps for children in emerging markets to help them learn basic literacy skills. By using animated characters, gaming analytics, and local folklore, the apps have been designed to make learning interactive and fun, as well as relevant in the smartphones era.

Founded in 2015 by Lucrezia Bisignani, Kukua is referred to as “the Disney of learning in Africa”. At its core is Sema, an inspiring, African cartoon heroine who is set to become a role model for children across the continent. Sema is the basis for Kukua‘s suite of educational tools, which is currently made up of game-based apps that teach reading, writing and math.

Amelia Townsend, Investment Manager at BurdaPrincipal Investments (BPI), says, “We very much look forward to partnering with Kukua and Lucrezia Bisignani to address the huge opportunity to build magical, impactful, and importantly contextualized, and relevant content, inspiring children across very rapidly expanding digitized channels.”

Hubert Burda Media has been engaged in the education sector for many years and is active in India and Africa with BurdaEducation, one of the world’s largest producers of textbooks and teaching materials.