Getting To Know Our BurdaEducation Team Series: Debashis Gupta

BurdaEducation’s team live Burda’s company’s mission and values every day, ensuring that projects are completed correctly and on time, every time.

In this series, we explore what motivates the hardworking members of the BurdaEducation team as they support the education of millions of children around the world.

Name: Debashis Gupta

Designation: General Manager Prepress

Country base: India

A graduate of Calcutta and Jadavpur universities, Debashis joined Burda in 2008. With 29 years of experience
in the graphics arts industry, he has a very strong technical background in prepress, press, quality control, and
colour management.

  1. What do you see as the main objective of BurdaEducation?

BurdaEducation’s primary mission is to provide education to needy children and improve their futures by supporting donors, NGOs, ministries and private sector entities that are also involved in these endeavours. We do this by taking care of all their book production and distribution needs. As a service provider, we are deeply committed to ensuring that children receive the textbooks and reading materials on time.

Prepress is the heart of the book production process in terms of quality and presentation of the content. Our main focus is to make sure the content is easy to read and to ensure that it is presented in a manner that engages children’s interest. I feel fortunate to be part of such a company. It not only allows me to contribute to society in
a fulfilling way, but also keeps me at the top of my profession, facing challenges from around the world.

  1. Could you describe what your role entails?

In prepress, we get various types of input files (content) from our customers. We prepare convert the files to print-ready formats, which requires improving colour, correcting styles, and, sometimes, even redesigning the layout in a more presentable manner. Occasionally, we edit the content in the very early stages as well. This is a service uniquely provided by Burda, that gives us an edge over our competitors.  Once these tasks are taken care of, we deliver the proofs or sample copies to the customer for approval. The approved files are then sent for printing. Our work ensures the quality of the printed books.

  1. What project are you currently working on? Please describe its scope and goals.

At present, we are working on several projects around the world — Education Delivery Centre (EDC) Liberia, EDC Mali, Chemonics Senegal, and Burundi, among others.Since these projects are quite challenging and time bound, our target is to improve the content and layout as much as possible from the printer’s perspective within the given timeframe, ensure customer approvals, and provide error free files to the printers.

  1. Have you experienced or seen any specific outcomes of the work that you do?

Yes, of course! Whenever we get a complex project, our aim is to finish it on time, deliver a well-balanced product to the customer, and ensure complete satisfaction. I remember one particular project as one of the more challenging ones. There were a lot of issues with the input files that were provided by the client. We resolved these issues, and the result was a successful product.

At the end of the project, we shared a brief presentation of the input issues with the customer, highlighting ways to resolve these before sending files to their printer. This was highly appreciated by the customer.

  1. What is the most satisfying aspect of your work?

I enjoy challenges. So whenever we get projects with short timelines or difficult inputs and are able to complete
them successfully in the targeted time period — that inspires me to work even harder for the next project. Senegal, Mozambique, DRC Congo, Djibouti, and UP and Haryana textbooks are some of the tough projects that we’ve handled effectively.

  1. Is there any specific project or achievement of which you are especially proud?

I feel happy about all our successful projects. Having said that, we hope we will deliver an upcoming project which will give us the opportunity and scope to show our creative talent. The project requires redesigning and reworking the layout of the books, and we plan to make them beautiful.

  1. What is your personal goal for the company and its clients?

I hope to set up a full house prepress support team that would allow us to cover all facets of production, from designing and illustrating to final layout, following all printing standards for all education needs.