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Who is Burda Education?

Our Mission

BurdaEducation sees education as the cornerstone of development. We are dedicated to improving access to education through the timely provision of high quality textbooks as well as teaching and learning materials (TLM). We provide solutions for every stage of the textbook and TLM supply chain.

As a service provider for governments and the education development community, we have a deep commitment to ensuring that children receive the books they need when they need them. We own and operate some of the most advanced printing facilities in the world and partner with professional logistics companies for book distribution. We also provide consulting services for every step in book provision, from planning to design, procurement, printing, distribution and project management. We’re engaged with clients from project inception until the books are in students’ hands.

Developing partnerships is key to our vision of success. We have offices in Munich (headquarter), Paris, Washington DC, New Delhi and Kigali, Rwanda, and will soon open an office in Senegal. These offices allow us to be close to our clients in Africa and to work with local partners and suppliers. We transfer skills and knowledge about the entire textbook and TLM supply chain to our partners and assist them in project management and the bulk procurement of inputs. This allows partners to respond to local needs and improve the quality of the books and TLM that they provide.

Our experience has taught us that there is no single solution to improving the book supply chain. While there are many similarities in the design, production and distribution processes, different countries require different strategies, which must be monitored and adjusted as projects are implemented.

Our parent company, Hubert Burda Media, has a long history of commitment to high quality publishing and printing. Hubert Burda Media has been involved in publishing for over a century and has invested heavily in all technologies used in modern printing. This, combined with our technicians’ expertise, positions Hubert Burda Media as one of the leading publishing and printing companies in the world. We pay careful attention to detail and we’re experts at process management. We understand that this is the only way to ensure cost-effective, high quality books and materials.

BurdaEducation understands that our clients and beneficiaries have diverse needs. We are committed to develop solutions in cooperation with our clients that fit those needs. We provide our clients with assistance, knowledge and skills at every step of the way, empowering them to manage effective textbook and TLM projects.

Why did Burda enter the education sector?

We started working in India in 2010. We realized very quickly that the governments of most Indian states were paying too much for books that arrive late or not at all.

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Who We Are

BurdaEducation brings together the expertise and production capacity of the Hubert Burda Media (our parent company) with BurdaDruckIndia, and BurdaEastAfrica.

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People and Places

In the last years BurdaEducation has build up a dedicated management team to provide design, printing, distribution and management solutions for textbooks, teaching and learning materials.

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Why did Burda enter the education sector?

We started working in India in 2010. We realized very quickly that the governments of most Indian states were paying too much for books that arrive late or not at all.

We strongly believe that we have the expertise and facilities to change existing approaches. We aim to provide the highest quality services to our partners and to fit a wide range of budgets. We’re dedicated to become a market leader in the provision of textbooks and TLM materials around the world.

Who We Are

BurdaEducation brings together the expertise and production capacity of the Hubert Burda Media Group (our parent company) with BurdaDruckIndia and BurdaEastAfrica. BurdaEducation has regional offices in Rwanda (BurdaEastAfrica) and India (BurdaDruckIndia) and will soon open an office in Senegal. BurdaEducation has successfully implemented projects worth over USD 135 million in 16 countries.

Hubert Burda Media

Hubert Burda Media’s history is a story of continuous growth and evolution into new markets and new types of media. Innovation and new technologies have always been at the heart of the company’s philosophy and key to successful diversification.

A family business, Hubert Burda Media opened in 1903 as a printing company. With a philosophy that embraced technology and customer service, expansion came quickly. Realizing that many of its customers required faster, more flexible printing solutions and larger volumes, Hubert Burda Media invested early in four-color rotogravure printing. This printing system had a marked effect on print quality and proved to be a game-changer in large volume printing.

Hubert Burda Media also works in digital media. Hubert Burda Media was one the first companies in Germany to develop a dedicated news website (www.focus.de). Focus is now one of the busiest sites in Germany, with over 90 million users every month. Two decades later, the company continues to innovate, developing groundbreaking products like Thunder (based on Drupal 8, Thunder is a web based content management system that helps publishers to aggregate content) and Cliqz (an innovative search engine that maximizes privacy and security).

Hubert Burda Media’s core business continues to expand. Today, the company is one of the largest printers in Europe, with high capacity plants across France and Germany and opened a US$20 million printing plant in India.

Hubert Burda Media believes in people. We have over 11,000 employees working on magazines, books, internet sites, radio, research, retail, and direct marketing. We invest in workforce training and partner development, and we know that spending these resources has a positive effect on productivity and quality. Our size and scale mean we have long-standing relationships with a vast network of highly skilled partners that offer us unparalleled depth in projects around the world. Our work in Rwanda demonstrates our commitment to local partners.

Hubert Burda Media is a family business with a focus on customers.


In 2010, Hubert Burda Media invested US$ 20 million in Burda Druck India, a state-of-the-art printing press near New Delhi. Burda Druck India was developed to respond to the high quality, high volume print requirements of India, other countries in Asia and Africa. BurdaDruckIndia employs over 250 skilled print technicians, including 40 people specialized in layout, design, graphics and editing.

BurdaDruckIndia has become one of the largest printing companies in India, trusted for its abilities to produce high quality, high volume materials that are delivered on time and according to customer specifications. BurdaDruckIndia has successfully produced and delivered orders for Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, funded by KfW (German Development Bank), USAID, World Bank and local Ministries.


BurdaEastAfrica is based in Kigali, Rwanda, and serves our clients in the region. BurdaEastAfrica focuses on two core areas:

1. Project management: With our expertise, infrastructure and equipment, we assist governments and development partners in the implementation of textbook and other TLM programs and projects. From planning to completion, through design, printing and distribution, we work with our clients on every step of the way. Our job is to help our clients achieve their goals in the most cost-effective and problem-free way.

2. Advising services: We offer customized training and consultancy services across all aspects of the textbook and TLM supply chain, whether or not we are involved in the printing and distribution processes. Working to educate and empower, we assist our clients in the development of their in-house talent and the improvement of their textbook and TLM programs and projects.

People and Places

Massimo Monti

Chief Executive Officer

Since leaving the University of Pisa, Massimo Monti has worked in media continuously. He started to carve out his editing career in the 1990s, editing magazines devoted to number of business and lifestyle topics in his home country, Italy.

In 2004, he moved to international publishing. Operating as a Business Development Director for Mondadori, he launched a range of well-known magazine men’s and women’s lifestyle international magazine brands across Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

2011, Mr. Monti moved east to build to local presence of BurdaInternational for Hubert Burda Media where he handled successfully the purchase of a consumer portfolio of magazine titles. In 2014, he become the COO for the entire region, before his move to BurdaEducation where he is the CEO today.

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Krzysztof Kolodziejski

Chief Financial Officer

Krzysztof Kolodziejski joined Burda towards the end of 2016 as a Consultant and was appointed COO for Burda Druck India. Subsequently, he became CFO of Burda Druck India and BurdaEducation.

He leads finance, treasury and tax across the division. Previously, Krzysztof was the Managing Director at PostNord Stralfors (Poland), a leading European communications and logistics company, where he was responsible for business growth in the domestic market; he was also the Head of Procurement for the division, working across seven countries.

Prior to that, Krzysztof worked in Poland as Financial Controller for the Mondi Group (paper and packaging), CFO for Teleplan International (IT/electronics servicing), CFO for DHL Global Forwarding (logistics) and as a consultant for other international brands.

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Paul Kato

Business Developer,
Burda East Africa

Paul joined BurdaEastAfrica in 2018 as
a Business Developer. Prior to joining Burda, he worked for five years with Tigo Rwanda looking after their Data Projects & Device Portfolio, and subsequently with Hôtel des Mille Collines as a Marketing Executive for 2.5 years.

Paul holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Rwanda.

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Penelope Bender

Head, Global Education Services

Penelope Bender is the Head of Global Education Services at BurdaEducation. She came to Burda from USAID, where she was the Lead for Early Grade Reading; Goal 1 of the USAID Education Strategy. At USAID, she supported reading programs in more than forty countries and led policy development to improve student learning, including the founding of the Global Book Alliance.

Prior to USAID, she worked for the Hewlett Foundation and the Gates Foundation on the Quality Education in Developing Countries initiative (QEDC). Dr. Bender has also worked extensively on education issues at the World Bank.

She holds a Master’s in International Education from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Teaching, Curriculum and Educational Policy from Michigan State University. She is experienced in education policy, assessment, instruction, textbooks/reading materials, curriculum, teacher professional development, bilingual education and community participation. She has worked extensively in Africa,
Asia and Haiti.

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